Neoteny Singapore Camp

Hosted and organized by Joi Ito, Sean Bonner, James Chan and Tara Brown, the Neoteny Singapore Camp 1 or NSC1 is a conference and unconference that bring together people to discuss about investment, start-ups and incubations.

This event is happening on the 12th and 13th Dec 2009

The first half of the event is scheduled and it will be followed by an unconference adhoc session. For more info of the schedule please visit here.

Besides that, Excutive Director of Mozilla, Mark Surman is having the Mozilla Drumbeat Challenge

According to the wiki:

What is it?
You, delivering 5 minutes of pure passion in which you (1) outline a concrete project idea that will make the web better or simply (2) explain the open web and why it matters.

What's in it for you?
We'll videotape, upload and feature your presentation on the Mozilla Drumbeat website.
'Ideas' presentations will be included in the Drumbeat project idea stream, offering an opportunity to attract attention, volunteers and supporters.
'Ultimate' talks will be entered into a global competition for best presentation.
If your idea or presentations is amongst the best globally, you'll also have a chance to participate in the Drumbeat Festival, tentatively scheduled for June 2010 in Amsterdam.

Register yourself at the wiki.

update: Join us for a recording of This Week in Asia at Neoteny Singapore

NSC1 will be held at the SMU Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship campus in Singapore. Exact room location will be added shortly.

Photos by Joi Ito

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