Need funding for your business?

Inconjunction with TieCon, MVCA (Malaysia Venture Capitalist Association)is launching a elevator pitch for funding.
All you need to do is to submit an executive summary and if you are selected, pitch to both local and regional venture capital and private equity investors.

The funding is for business development and growth stage.

Be brief as possible, no more than 5 pages

Company Overview & Contact Details
Product & Service
Value Proposition
Development Plan
Operating Plan
Marketing Plan
Competition & Competitive Advantage
Management Team
Funding Requirement / Use of Funds
Financial Cash Flow & Statements (2007 to 2011 or as applicable)

Email you Executive Summary to [email protected]
Participation is FREE!

The closing date for application is on Tuesday, 30 June 2009 @ 3.00pm. Shortlisted participants will be notified on 1st July 2009.

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