Nationwide Tour with 3 Successful UK Entrepreneurs to Inspire Malaysian Youths To Be Entrepreneurs

May, 2012 – 3 young entrepreneurs from the UK were flown into Malaysia to join a grand nationwide tour with a group of successful young entrepreneurs locally to inspire thousands of youths in the different towns in the country to consider entrepreneurship as an alternative life-style compared to having a conventional work career.

The idea of the nationwide tour, first inspired by the Oxford Centre for Excellence (Oxcell), an organisation dedicated towards research and the growth of the entrepreneurship spirit locally among youths, decided to marry together success stories from locally groomed Malaysian entrepreneurs who started out young with those from the UK.

The Oxford Centre for Excellence (Oxcell) will travel to 33 towns and cities across the country along with its “Young Biz Icons” to promote business acumen among the youth. Oxcell President Dr Saiful Bahri said six young icons comprising four local celebrities and two young successful businessmen from abroad, would share their experiences in their respective fields, namely arts and business.

The road show kicks off in Kuantan, Pahang, on May 6, targeting youths between the age of 21 and 29. “This programme presents a prefect opportunity for our young people to venture into the real business world,” he told a press conference here today. Meanwhile, at the launch of the “Oxcell Young Biz Ikon Malaysia 2012”, Oxcell Asia-Pacific director Julie Teresa Benham said the programme would help nurture business acumen among the young people.

“They must remember that there is no shortcut to success; they must develop well thought-out and viable business plans and must be prepared to work hard persistently towards their goals,” she added.

UK’s successful young entrepreneurs, Sabirul Islam, who launched his own business providing coaching in the UK and around the world to young people to become entrepreneurs is also a best selling author and also the creator of an entrepreneurship development boardgame, which is widely used in schools across the UK. Accompanying him in this Malaysian tour is also Jamie Dunn, another successful young entrepreneur whose insights about the development of young entrepreneurs has become the centrepiece for Birmingham’s main daily newspaper and he coaches young people too to become successful entrepreneurs.

The tour will make its presence felt among major cities and towns in Malaysia, with Oxcell’s efforts to inspire the next generation of young entrepreneurs to continue to provide strides for the country’s development.