More Email Space at the Cheapest Prices for SME and Entrepreneurs

Dropmyemail is now offering 25GB and 50GB monthly plans of email backup storage for modest firms and email users with a substantial email inbox. This development will be good news for those who found the free and basic packages too minute for their needs.

Dropmyemail, the most comprehensive email backup solution in the cloud, used to offer free storage upon signing up and up to 2GB through referrals. Users can also upgrade to the paid 5GB (Pro 5) and 10GB (Pro 10) plans for $9.99 USD and $19.99 USD per year respectively. The newly announced 25GB (Pro 25) and 50GB (Pro 50) plans will cost $39.99 USD and $69.99 USD per year respectively. Details can be found here:

The first need for the increased storage plans was to target small medium enterprises for them to sufficiently backup their corporate mails. Imagine the distress of a company when their email provider goes out (Gmail outage in February and April 2012 affected millions), not being able to answer emails or retrieve vital information could have ended their business. The biggest email service provider, Gmail, has over 6 million companies signed up, displays the scale of this market.

With Dropmyemail, backing up emails makes it easy to keep track of confidential information and communications. In any unfortunate events, migration of emails between email accounts will allow employees to continue functioning, despite being inconvenienced by their email service provider. Finally, when an employee leaves, all corporate emails will be backed up without the possibility of being deleted.

On top of the Pro 25 and Pro 50 plans being offered, Dropmyemail is able to accommodate higher monthly storage plans, upon request. Enterprise email servers are much larger in size – with some even using multiple TBs of storage. Hence, customized solutions will have to be provided on a case-to-case basis. As Dropmyemail uses globally distributed infrastructure of servers, scaling up and down according to the required usage is a breeze.

These 2 new plan offerings were also made necessary through the feedback of the almost 1 million Dropmyemail consumer users. The general consensus is that they are now backing all their email accounts and that storage limits (even in the Pro plans) were insufficient.

Individual users’ inbox sizes are increasing and the attachments sent are also getting bigger. Right now Gmail accounts now offer more storage space and increase attachment size for free. New signups to Gmail will 10GB (up from 7GB) of space for free and even allowing attachments of up to 25MB (up from10MB) per email.

Users of personal email recognize the value added by Dropmyemail’s email backup service. Backing up emails will avoid data loss, hacking, service outage and user errors. Most users have multiple email accounts that the total size of all will exceed 10GB. These individuals will appreciate the Pro 25 or Pro 50 plan.

This announcement will be followed shortly by other developments in Dropmyemail’s product roadmap.

About Dropmysite

Dropmysite is a company that backs up the Internet, with a focus on backing up Cloud data, such as websites, emails, chat, social media, and more. The company has developed and launched two websites: and The latter is a Cloud-to-Cloud backup solution for Emails,

a freemium consumer service that lets you backup your emails, contacts, chat and calendars, automatically. It is a simple and secure process that works with almost all platforms, including backup Yahoo Mail, backup Hotmail and Gmail.

It was launched on 1 March 2012 at DEMO Asia, the leading event for the best and brightest companies to launch to a global audience, and awarded the “DemoGURU” and “Freedom” Award. It was also selected as a success case study for Amazon Web Services. You can see the video here:

Since then, Dropmysite has gathered 911,000 signups and has been featured on Wall Street Journal, VentureBeat, Business Times and CNBC. The company was selected amongst the Top 10 startups at the recent Echelon 2012. It was also hailed by e27 as the “fastest growing startup in Asia”.

Seed funding for has been provided by Crystal Horse Investments, Stanley Street Labs and individual investors.