More Business Opportunities in Developed Markets between Malaysian and American Entrepreneurs

The USA has always been a strategic trading and marketing partner for Malaysian products, services and businesses. With President Barack Obama”s encouragement to foster more trade among the US”s global markets, Malaysia too supported the move, seen as a viable move to not only exchange products and services with the developed market, but also to encourage investments and technology exchanges between Malaysia and the USA. 

An initiative made possible by MSC Malaysia and , this networking and informational event is aimed to foster a community of Entrepreneurs and local Malaysian businesses to consider the opportunities to venture into the USA market, by equipping them with the Know-Hows and available incentives for foreign businesses to enter into the developed market.

This call seems timely with both Country Leaders of Malaysia and the USA investing their commitments to facilitate trade and business opportunities between both nations.

For more information about the event or to secure your place for the forum, please contact;

Jamie Haniff Ramlee; [email protected]