Minggu Keusahawanan Sejagat -Penang


Nas Sobri and the folks in Penang are great supporter of the GEW and there are couples of events being lined up for the whole week. Here are some highlights taken from their site.

Mon, 17 NOV 2008
– Knowledge & Experience Sharing for Social Entrepreneurs @ Tasek Gelugor (KUS-TG)

Tue, 18 NOV 2008
– Breakfast with Entrepreneur @ Smart Lab, Batu Uban (ICT Penang)
– 3 Steps 2 Entrepreneurship @ MyPath, Bukit Jambul (MyPath Sdn Bhd)
– Business Marketing Game @ Action Coach, Bayan Baru (Biz Coach Firm)

Wed, 19 NOV 2008
– Business Networking Breakfast – ProfitCLUB, Bayan Baru (Biz Coach Firm)
– Site visit to Agricultural Farm @ Tasek Gelugor (KUS-TG)
– Business.Com.My Business Networking/Referral/Entrepreneur’s Night @ Mizi Bistro, New World Park, Penang (7-10pm)

Thu, 20 NOV 2008
– Breakfast with Entrepreneur @ Equarater, Georgetown (ICT Penang/TechBiz)
– Bead Sewing Workshop @ Tasek Gelugor (KUS-TG)

Fri, 21 NOV 2008
– Blogging Workshop @ Tasek Gelugor (KUS-TG)
– MIRC Penang TechNite @ Suntech, Bayan Baru (MiRC)

Sat, 22 NOV 2008
– Global Entrepreneurship Week Keynote & Showcase @ Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM/ICT Penang)
– Social Entrepreneurship Seminar @ Balik Pulau (KUS-BP)
– Catur Bistari – Jihad Bisnes Board Game

For more info on what is happening in Penang, please visit http://epenang.eventbrite.com/

BTW. when you see Nas in Penang. Give him a pat at the back. 

This is how he looks like.

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