Microsoft Inspires Budding Entrepreneurs and Business Industry through Cinematic Movie

Microsoft sets to inspire entrepreneurs and businesses to embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship and to understand the essence of a startup from a typical Silicon Valley concept with their latest feature film – Ctrl + Alt + Complete, set to hit cinemas in Malaysia really soon. And for readers, you can watch the movie by pre-registering here

When asked about the giant technology company’s vision to inspire entrepreneurs and spur the global start-up scene through this film, Microsoft responded through their website;

Why did we do it?

Simple. We believe tech entrepreneurship is fundamentally changing the world. The things that developers create; the ideas that they’re able to make reality; the tangible value they deliver is reshaping the way people live their lives every day. The infrastructure to build quickly is cheaper and more accessible than it’s ever been…there’s lots of capital floating around for the right idea. If only it were that simple! Building a startup from nothing to something is hard—REALLY hard. There is a “story behind the story” of just how hard it is for these ideas to go from inception to reality and become the products and services that we use every day.

We believe that is a story worth telling and sharing, as it will inspire more Malaysian to explore the world of technology entrepreneurship.

From June to December 2012, we are partnering with several parties to make the movie available for viewing in Malaysia and we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to view it, and to tell all your friends to catch it too.

We highly recommend this film, made possible by our friends in Microsoft, to all budding entrepreneurs to show them the steps of raising a startup and its pitfalls, to established businesses and the general public who would want to spend a worth it 2 hours of their time watching a meaningful film.