MDeC: New agriculture flagship in the works

KUALA LUMPUR: The next year will see the development of a new MSC flagship application, the Multimedia Development Corp (MDeC) announced.

The custodian of the MSC-Malaysia initiative has been tasked to develop a flagship application dedicated to developing the agriculture industry next year.

Although the project is still under wraps, MDeC chief executive officer, Datuk Badlisham Ghazali said the Agriculture Minister is expected to announce the purpose and development of the new flagship application next month.

“It’s going to be simple but it’s going to take a lot of work,” he said at a media luncheon here recently.

Badlisham added that the new flagship application will have a national benefit instead of being just another computer project.

“The Government is pushing agriculture not only from an employment perspective but also from a food security perspective,” Badlisham explained. He also said that MDeC will be working with applied research body, Mimos Bhd to develop the project.

Earlier this year, Mimos announced an agricultural grid solution using precision agriculture technology to help farmers monitor their crops.

MDeC is expected to work on the new flagship application between next year and 2010.

Content boom

MDeC will also put more emphasis on creative content development next year.

Badlisham said the explosion of content delivery devices such as mobile devices and the Internet has driven the demand for content, Badlisham said.

“MDeC sees this as an opportunity to develop the local creative content industry,” he added.

Badlisham also said that MDeC plans to collaborate with foreign broadcasters in a bid to open new markets for local creative content.

“The local market is small so we need to export these content to a wider audience,” he said, adding that MDeC will not only have approaches to introduce local content developers to potential markets but also open new markets for them.

One soon-to-be-announced approach is a collaboration between MDeC and a province in China to allow selected Malaysian content to be aired in there.

Badlisham said the revenue sharing model will also be tweaked to favour local content developers over broadcasters.        

“The developer will receive a huge chunk of the profit instead of the broadcaster, and I believe this will help encourage the development of local content,” he explained.

The cautiously optimistic Badlisham also said the gloomy economic outlook will not hamper MDeC’s plans for creative content development next year.

“It isn’t the end of the world. People will still surf the Internet and watch TV,” he said.



MYE: From the report, it seem there will be more grants and softloans in terms of agriculture based technology. 

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