Marketing Guru Seth Godin chats with Successful Entrepreneur Richard Branson about Failures

Following up from our most recent post on celebrating Richard Branson’s failures as an entrepreneur towards him being a world renowned businessman today, we take a look at a special interview between marketing guru and best-selling author, Seth Godin as he chats with Virgin’s Chairman, Richard Branson about his Failures. Richard Branson made headlines again a few days ago as he opened the Global Entrepreneurship Congress, hosted by Liverpool Vision and the Kauffman Foundation.

In this rare interview where Seth Godin dives into uncovering the motivations and strategies that were used by Richard Branson to soldier through those challenging times when his ventures were not performing. Many of his ventures like Virgin Cola, Virgin Money, Virgin Brides, Virgin Car did not pick up as expected through many of Branson’s successful ventures.

From¬†outrageous and at times controversial marketing campaigns to giving customers ‘Hard to believe’ deals, in this interview, Richard Branson unveils his state of mind when he was going through those struggling times and how he prospered and became the iconic entrepreneur that he is today.