Malaysia's Online Shopping Scene Infographic

Quite recently the folks at release their infographic on the Malaysia shopping scene. For the longest time, I”ve been saying in my talks the next wave for Asia is Ecommerce and here are some stats too look at.

It looks like projection of online shopping is increasing as the key stats shows that 65% of people do buy stuff online. 69% of the participant survey said it will buy clothes and spend around RM 100 – RM 300 for their purchase.

This looks interesting until you check their sample size is only at 310 people in Kuala Lumpur. The sample is definitely the age group the surveyor have access to. (After some research the surveyors were involved with some blog shop exhibition.) My other criticism is that, sites like AirAsia does ecommerce and I believe a majority of online transaction is between AirAsia and also Groupon.

However it will be interesting to see what a more general survey will be different. Do that this infographic with a pitch of salt.

Infographic on Malaysia Online Shopping and Ecommerce