Malaysia’s Global Innovation Ranking

Innovation is key to an organization or country’s growth. Steve Jobs of Apple fame once said “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” and this should be one of the key indicators on how a country is growing beyond just exploiting natural resources.

Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak been talking how innovation should be a way of life for Malaysian society towards making the nation’s innovation agenda a success.

He has been quoted saying “Making innovation acceptable to society first is important before each member can make it a part of his or her daily life. Making innovation our culture can help bring Malaysia to a high level of transformation and development for greater success in the future.”

Well, lets look at how is Malaysia doing in terms of making a global impact as a nation of innovators.
Recently, Azim Pawanchik of AlphaCatalyst release some of his findings on how our country fare for his upcoming book about innovation.

See chart below:

Malaysia consistently ranked around no.25 to no. 31, could we do better? I believe so.

About Azim

Azim is the founder and Principal Consultant for Alpha Catalyst Consulting; a boutique innovation consulting company which specializes in helping large companies build their capability and capacity to innovate. He has vast experience in culture change projects, mergers and acquisitions, organizational re-alignment and developing strategies for companies to be more competitive.

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