Malaysians Got IDEAS Conference for Entrepreneurs

Global youth organisation, AIESEC in University Technology Malaysia, Johore, will be hosting the first series of the Malaysians Got IDEAS Conference from the 10th to the 11th of October.

AIESEC UTM & presents:

Malaysian Got IDEAs

(10th – 11th October 2009)

Turn your ideas into Reality.

Experience the power of sustainable business.

BE a socially responsible leader.

Help future generations.

Malaysians Got IDEAs is an entrepreneurship unconference first launch by AIESEC in UTM. Creating a better world is simple. All it takes is to make the first step. Malaysians Got IDEAs is about initiating this first step and guiding you on the way to becoming a socially responsible business leader. Together with our sponsor and learning-partner we have created a two-day program giving you all the inspiration, guidance and support in launching your own sustainable business.


What do you benefit from Malaysian Got IDEAs ?

We will bring you through the ‘I’ process: Interest – Inspire – Information – Implementation.

  • Interest – Self discovery! Have a deep understanding in your interest and dreams.   Know    what you want, keep your focus and make it happen!
  • Inspire – Be inspired by great successful entrepreneurs. Learn how  they have managed to combine personal success while positively impacting the local community though our networking session with these                                   young CEOs

  • Information – Malaysians Got IDEAs (MGI), will guide the participants in the process of transforming their ideas into a real enterprise including tips on marketing and finance from the industrial leaders.
  • Implementation – Your businesses ideas will be initiated on MGI & directly integrated into       Malaysia’s most important entrepreneurial online networks, giving it direct   exposure to large base partners and potential customers right from the start.


Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


10th and 11th October 2009


200 participants


Joobaholic and Bursa Malaysia


Youth Entrepreneurs Malaysia, GEW Youth Catalyst & & University Technology Malaysia


RM30 without accommodation

RM50 with accommodation

We provide:

Food & beverage



Register in our facebook group:

ALERT: AIESEC UTM is currently looking for young entrepreneurs to be speakers for Malaysians Got IDEAS!

Speakers will be compensated for:

– Travel Expenses

– Lodging will be provided

– Networking with other like-minded entrepreneurs & CEOs

– A recruitment Goldmind to get youths to work in Start-Ups and Businesses.

Contact the Organising Chairperson: Jean Yeoh @ [email protected]

Calling all Speakers in Singapore as well!

Join the AIESEC UTM team and Support Malaysians Got IDEAS!


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