Malaysian Startup Digitizing Euro 2012 Football Experience for Fans

Award-winning Malaysian startup in the mobile gaming industry, FanXT which first created waves by winning the Indus Entrepreneur Awards and then the GIST Bootcamp Award which won them places to be mentored by mentors from Silicon Valley, are putting plans into action to present Malaysia”s football fans with a mobile gaming experience that they will never forget with the Euro 2012.

May, 2012 – Today if you walk into a stadium, a sports bar, or even your son’s room, you can’t help not to see people browsing online, surfing Facebook or smartphones to play fantasy football game, checking live football scores or even messaging their friends on how awful their friends’ team is doing. We are seeing the revolution of digital media from smart phones to social media, and how it affects our lives especially when embracing our fanatical passion for football.


According to and, there are more than half a billion Internet users in Europe while 50% of them are on Facebook, and Europeans are already buying more smartphones than featured phones. On top of that, more than 7.5 million Europeans are playing fantasy football, a game in which players assemble a fantasy team of real life footballers and score points based on those players” actual statistical performance.

Truthfully, the best way to usher in this year’s Euro 2012 is by digital media. A global sports digital media provider, FanXT, has been taking multiple major steps in offering the best all-round experience for football fans to enjoy the European Football Championship. FanXT has launched Euro 2012 related apps on four digital media platforms – web, Facebook, iPhone and Android
Euro 2012 Live

A must-have app for Euro 2012 fans that contains live scores, latest news, results, and even players’ statistics

o    Android – 

o    iPhone –

Fantasy Euro 2012

European football fans could build their own fantasy Euro team with players like Ronaldo, Villa, Rooney with virtual money of $100 mil. Available on web, Facebook, iPhone and Android. User requires only one account that can be used to access any of its versions. Plus users can create their own fantasy league to compete with their friends.

o    Web –

o    Facebook –

o    iPhone –

o    Android – 

Press release was issued by FanXT with support for, in showcasing and sharing more news about Malaysian startups, with the goal of encouraging more Malaysians to take up the challenge of Entrepreneurship.

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FanXT is global digital media and fantasy sports brand that offers variety of digital media contents and fantasy sport games like fantasy football, Fantasy English Premier League, Fantasy Euro 2012, F1 and more. Our applications run on web, mobile, Facebook, iPhone, Android and soon Smart TV.