Malaysian Mobile Security Start-Up a Big Hit at DEMO Asia 2012

Kuala Lumpur, 13 March 2012 – Hand-picked to make its public debut during DEMO Asia 2012, is a unique mobile security tracking service that builds on the principal of prevention is better than cure. Developed by James Khoo, a Malaysian, has enjoyed more than 20,000 downloads worldwide since its BETA launch in August 2011, and has been receiving positive feedback
from its users since.

James who came out with the idea to develop after an accident happened to his sister while she was studying in Australia then, elaborated, “She drove her car into a tree and was knocked unconscious. She was then brought to the hospital with the help of passers-by, but my family and I in Malaysia didn’t know her whereabouts for 3 days. Those 3 days were very torturous for us.” puts a ‘bodyguard’ into a user’s mobile phone that constantly watches over them and ensures their safety. erases the interference that other security apps pose where users have to access their phones and launch the security app online casino before triggering the emergency calls themselves. overcomes this by making it possible for users to only shake their phones, and
the photo or video of the potential vigilante will be captured and sent to the user’s nominated emergency contacts ; a feature absent in all other security apps. The emergency contacts could then easily share these findings with the authorities.

Crossing the barrier of Asian waters, supports SMS notification emergency trigger that works in 46 countries worldwide as of July 2011. Among countries included are Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Egypt, Greece, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and United Sates of America.

This innovative app that has bagged numerous awards including being one of the Top 5 Winners for the Sony Ericsson Application and a finalist for King of Code at Venture Beat, is available for free downloads both on Google Play as well as the App Store. Users can opt between three service packages; the Lite Package for free, the Gold Package for USD2.99 monthly, and the Platinum Package for USD4.99 monthly.

The introduction video for is available for viewing at or you can contact the Founder directly, at  James Khoo, Founder at [email protected]

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