Malaysian Do Participate in E-Commerce (mostly for purchase of airline tickets and accommodation.)

According to the most recent survey done by Visa e-Commerce Consumer Monitor, 82% of Malaysians do online purchase for flight tickets. This 2010 survey was based on 3,516 online interviews from countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand.

These netizen mostly spending on travel and accommodation online to boost the countries growing e-commerce markets. This is mostly in part of the rise of low cost carriers such as AirAsia which made the web its primary means of buying air tickets especially during sales.

Malaysians on estimate, spends around RM 6000 per year on e-commerce according to the survey.

Also according to the survey, security is the most important factor that enables e-commerce. We here in also believe that e-commerce will have a resurgence in the year 2011.

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