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Malaysia Technology Incubator Throws Technopreneurship Open Day to Educate Entrepreneurs

Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur – For the third year running, Malaysia based technology incubator, MAD Incubator and its TOD  strategic partners, Multimedia Development Corporation Sdn Bhd (MDec) and Technology Park Malaysia(TPM) will be organizing Technopreneur Open Day 2012 (TOD) with the theme of “Transformation: Be An Effective Entrepreneur!” on this Thursday, 29th March 2012, from 9.00am to 1.00pm at Resource Centre, Technology Park Malaysia. The aim of this open day is to educate both established entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs on producing more successful and effective start-ups in Malaysia.

This year, with the objective to educate entrepreneurs to overcome their entrepreneurial challenges, MAD Incubator will bring in to Kashminder Singh (Mobile World), Ir Aziz Ismail (TeAM), Lee Wei Chee (ZA Solutions), Lim Kok Hing (iPay88), Vincent Chew (MAD Residence Coach) and Maresa Ng (Action Coach; Founder, Women Business Network) to share with audience on the latest trend in the market, know-how to be an effective entrepreneur, marketing tips and so on.

Technopreneur Open Day 2012 is a quarterly theme-based activity which is designed to provide wealth information, connectivity and spring board to help entrepeneurs to expand their businesses. MAD Incubator wills also introduce 4 Pillar Eco-System – Mobile, Software as a Service (SaaS), Internet-based business, Gaming by inviting knowledgeable speakers from technology-based company. Besides that, successful and inspirational speakers such as Vincent Chew (MAD Residence Coach) and Maresa Ng, (Action Coach; Founder, Women Business Network) will be delivering a talk to assist entrepreneurs to overcome their entrepreneurial challenges and learn on how to build an effective business network. With these speakers’ insights, audience will gain a lot of ideas and find new directions to move forward.

“I believe it is a great opportunity to gather all potential entrepreneurs from different kind of technology-based company and to gain entrepreneurial skills and knowledge from our informative, knowledgeable and experienced speakers. Technopreneur Open Day is a valuable platform for entrepreneurs to exchange and share their opinions on the challenges they faced with these speakers. The event is open to public and free admission. The TOD for future quarters will be held in June, August and November 2012 respectively.” said by Mr. Andrew Wong, Chief Executive Officer of MAD Incubator.

For those who are interested to register for Technopreneur Open Day 2012, please visit or contact MAD secretariat at 03-8994 1750 or email to [email protected] .




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