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ConcreteJungle #36 : Alphapod

While in the shower, Dr Emmet Brown came up with the idea for the Flaux Capacitor; which made time travel possible with the help of a DeLorean. TJ (also at the shower) on the other hand, came up with the idea of food mapping on the internet. He roped in two of his close friends, formed Alphapod and Wootfood was born. Theirs is a story of friendship and intense bootstrapping an app development start up.

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Lean Startup Machine returns to Singapore – June 7-9, 2013!

Lean Startup Machine is Returning to Singapore – June 7-9, 2013!

Date: Friday, June 7, 2013 at 6:00 PM – Sunday, June 9, 2013 at 8:00 PM (SGT)

Location: 113 Somerset Rd., Singapore, 238165


Lean Startup – Fail Fast, Succeed FASTER.

Lean Startup Machine

Lean Startup Machine is an intensive three-day workshop which teaches entrepreneurs and innovators how to build products with huge market potential. It is a metrics-driven startup competition where teams learn to identify the key risks in their business model through hands-on mentorship and our framework of tools.

Event Schedule…

Friday you will show up, eat, meet mentors and network with fellow attendees. Those who come as individuals will pitch a problem they want to solve, the top problems will be crowdsourced and teams will be formed. At around 9pm you will start constructing your first experiment designed to test, empirically, your problem hypothesis and customer hypothesis. Teams will break for the night when they have a developed a provable hypothesis and have practiced their customer development skills with a mentor.

Saturday those assumptions will be tested with customers. Most of your assumptions will likely be WRONG, so you will iterate rapidly to validate a new set of assumptions. You will go through several Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), escalating from Exploration, to Pitch, to Concierge.

Finally, Sunday afternoon you will present your learnings to the other teams and to a judging panel. This is not just a learning exercise, you will actually be competing with other teams to win additional mentorship and support. You will leave the workshop with…

*The ability to run any idea through the Validation Board, and run experiments to test if your assumptions are actually valid.

*The ability to end ‘endless’ team “discussions” with actionable tests rather than debates.

*The ability to determine if your idea is a scale-able startup or a hobby.


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Who’s this event for?

Any startup team that does not have Product/Market Fit, or any aspiring founder, innovator, or early startup employee that wants to learn Lean Startup methodologies from the ground up.

Executives, leaders and innovators in large, medium, and small businesses looking to innovate or create the next successful product or service.  Those who are inexperienced or experienced in Lean along with creatives, salespersons, marketers and decision makers can all be coached in the methodologies Lean Startup. This is an intensive educational workshop where you will learn the tools to develop any new business concept – NOT a hackathon.

Got an idea of your own? Great. You’ll have 50 seconds to give your elevator pitch at the kickoff. After voting, if your idea gets selected you will be able to form a team and start working. We strongly encourage everyone who comes to LSM to start fresh with a brand new concept.

No co-founders? No problem. You’ll meet many talented and smart people and have the opportunity to hear their new startup ideas.

We strongly encourage everyone who comes to LSM to start with a brand new concept. In the past, we have found that it is too difficult for participants to join a team that already possesses domain knowledge around an existing project.

If you plan to work on an existing project*, bring at least one co-founder with you to the event. If you have existing co-founders and none of them attend, you’ll have to work on a new startup idea. But don’t worry, you’ll still learn valuable skills that you can apply to your own business.

*An existing project is defined as one that already has mockups, prototypes or code associated with it. If that’s the case, you cannot recruit others to join you.

Space is limited – Tickets are now on sale now and going FAST!



Email [email protected]

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Entrepreneurs and Startups in Malaysia to Benefit from new Silicon Valley’s BootstrapLabs Launch

Silicon Valley-based BootstrapLabs, and Malaysia-based MAD Incubator today announce the formation of BootstrapAccelerator Asia. This will form the first Southeast Asia-focused Tech Startup Accelerator with a Silicon Valley Fast Track™ for promising Startups in Malaysia, with opportunities to gain access to incubation opportunities, funding and networking for business growth. Continue reading Entrepreneurs and Startups in Malaysia to Benefit from new Silicon Valley’s BootstrapLabs Launch

Franchise Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Malaysia

Franchise Business Opportunities or Franchising can be an attractive entrepreneurial platform for entrepreneurs to start their ventures in Malaysia. Owning a franchise would mean that the entrepreneur just needs to follow a set of systems set by the franchisors and would not need to invest substantial resources to build their brand or market presence. It can be a cash-cow if done right! Continue reading Franchise Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Malaysia

Effective Tax Planning for Business in Malaysia

This is the time where businesses will be looking for effective tax planning strategies to help them to document their operations accordingly. The season has finally arrived where businesses, entrepreneurs and companies will be filing in their annual tax plans in June for all registered Malaysia based businesses.

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9 Awesome Coworking Space around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Coworking spaces are shared working environment, often an office, and independent activity. Unlike in a typical office environment, those coworking spaces are usually not employed by the same organization. Typically it is attractive to work-at-home professionals, independent contractors, or people who travel frequently who end up working in relative isolation. Coworking is also the social gathering of a group of people who are still working independently, but who share values, and who are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with like-minded talented people in the same space.”  Continue reading 9 Awesome Coworking Space around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Perspectives of Startup Hire

A good idea is worth nothing if there are no talents that come together to build a good product/platform and drive the business thereafter. Like all other business, Startups which are at their early stage need to grow their traction, revenue and scale their business further. The need for Startup hire often come for the main purpose of growth, increasing resources as well as filling up gaps within the existing team. Continue reading Perspectives of Startup Hire

8 Quick and Affordable Small Business tips in Malaysia

small business

Suppose you know what small business you are going into. It is advisable to go into a small business where you are confident of getting customers, NOT one you are confident of getting the supply (products) if your intended business involves products. With customers readily available, getting the products is much easier compared to the other way round.

Think of your small business name, your brand!

Have a brand name that is consistent with your small business type and the target customer group. Note that business name is different from the company registered name. For example Starbucks Coffee is a brand but it is owned by Berjaya Corporation Berhad.

TIME REQUIRED: 1 day (inclusive of Google search to get a unique name if possible).  Some take longer if they lack inspiration.



Buy a domain name

The ultimate asset for small businesses today. Check online to see if the domain is still available. Visit or and it is best to purchase a domain ending with “.com” for commercial purposes. Cost is approximately USD10/year. If you want a domain ending with “” go to It costs RM110/year when there is no promotion. During promotion period it can be as low as RM50/year

TIME REQUIRED: 30 minutes



Buy web hosting space

This is an entirely optional step but it is required for you to have a website. Web hosting space is needed in order for you to store your web files so that your website is visible and so you can have an email address ending with your company’s domain (e.g. instead of or which is less professional. If you engage a web designer, he/she will handle this for you. To minimize cost, you can consider using a blog if it is appropriate. For blog sites you can visit or An actual website is more professional compared to blogs. With a great capacity and bandwith web hosting service, you”ll have your small business super scale-able.

TIME REQUIRED: 1-2 days to understand what web hosting is and shopping for one that suits you. Buying takes 10 minutes.

COST: RM150/year approximately


Design a logo

A logo is what everybody sees and is crucial. You can pay a designer to do it or do it yourself if you have the inspiration for it. The logo makes it easy for your customers and partners to remember and to relate you with your products/services.


COST: RM100-300 max (For a small business we need not engage an expensive designer. The idea can come from us and the designer will just translate our idea into an image)


Create a tagline

A tagline is important for your customers, partners and yourself. It is a motto or a mantra that you live by. Keep it simple and short, preferable 3-5 words. It is another way to differentiate your small business with everybody else’s.



Register your business with Companies Commission of Malaysia or better known as SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia).

SSM is located in KL Sentral. To save time you can download Form A and fill it in before visiting SSM. Upon completion you will have a company registration number and congratulations! You are now officially owning a business!

TIME REQUIRED: 2.5 hours (assuming you spend 1 hour driving and 30 minutes to fill in the form. You can get your official business registration form within 1 hour)

COST: RM60 (Enterprise)


Design your business card

A business card is our first marketing tool when we meet potential customers and partners. Believe it or not, your small business perception or first impression hinges a lot on your business card. It is important to spend a bit more time on it, especially on research and getting feedback. We are speaking about your stimuli for attracting potential customers. There are a few options: a. Get designs from online business card templates b. Get designs from printing shops, they offer free templates that you could use c. Pay a designer to design your business card


COST: RM100-RM300 unless you pay a pretty experienced designer


Print your business card.

Your business card should have almost all of the above, brand/business name, logo, tagline, company registration number (optional), contact number/website/Facebook/email, products and services offered, etc. Depending on the material and quantity chosen, typically a box of business cards can be printed in a week.


COST: RM30 for a box of 100 pieces (average price in KL)


Assuming your small business is doing really well, things to consider next are:

-Finding an office location (this is a huge task). Unless your small business isn”t really small anymore, it remains an optional item.

-Finding your support team (accountant, banker, mentor, webmaster, etc). A small business usually leaves this to outsource teams but it”ll be good to have them in-house someday.

-Finding your staff.

-Trademark your logo/tag line. Nuff said on this.

More information on starting a business is available from SSM’s official website.