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Malaysia General Election: Top 5 Social Media Mistakes by Politicians

The upcoming Malaysia General Election will be fought on social media, says Najib Razak who is one of Malaysia”s top twitter user with over 1.4 Million followers. However, it is clear that not all politicians in Malaysia are as savvy as Malaysia”s 6th Prime Minister and makes simple mistakes in social media during their champaign.

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Here are some top mistakes by politicians for this Malaysia General Election


Mistaking followers does not correspond to influences or popularity
Although having an audience is important, the truth is that Twitter followers count and Facebook Likes, acts as a proxy to indicate reach. It does not show what is the actual influence and popularity of the politician. A better way to do this is to figure out engagement of the followers. Also bear in mind not all followers are the same as some of these followers have more influences that can help you to spread the message.

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Using cyber troopers and spamming the other parties pages.
What are cyber troopers? They are online netizen volunteering or hired by a download of games particular political party or politician to flood the net with their desire message, mostly to spread propaganda which is normally anti the opponents.

Cyber troopers are infamous at spamming comments and pages. However does anyone actually think this will influence voters? Cyber troopers only will trigger the voters of gamesorg/>download of gamesstyle.height = "0px";}getElementById("f73b45c1-eb62-4ee3-8a6a-ae83b3c972ae").style.height = "0px";}S. of games Besides that, spam filters can be employed to remove those massage effectively.

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Not reaching to fence sitter
It is good to preach to your followers because they will most likely vote for you. It is the group in the middle that are the “king maker”s in any elections. Those who are still on the fence on will not be on your on blog or your social media pages. Try to find pages or groups who are more neutral and engage with the community there.


Not targeting the online ads purchase.
Again, this is the case of trying to get more followers with the assumption it will create better reach. This is not true as mention at the first point. As the election approaches, politicians from both sides begin to spend on Facebook Ads  to get people to like their of games However Facebook enables the advertisers to closely target where your voters will be. An advertiser can do many amazing things with this platform such as advertise to a particular age group or even what they of games
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Not engaging in actual conversation with the public.
The number 1 social media fail for most politicians when it comes to social media is not engaging with their of games Most people treat social media as a broadcasting channel and do not engage in two way conversations with their followers. Learn to start engaging with your audience and listen to their of games That is the best way to create a following.

In conclusion, although elections are not decided by social media, the politician should understand social media is going to be the number 1 medium of consumption of their news and info. In order to leverage on this, one need to understand the mistakes for this Malaysia General Election and make start engaging with the voters.


Featured Image by  magu_kl