Malaysia Entrepreneurs’ New Chief Editor

We are pleased to announce, Gwendolyn Tan of Singapore will be taking on the position of Chief Editor for Malaysia Entrepreneurs(MyE). She is currently the Chief Editor of Singapore Entrepreneurs (SgE).


Her duties with MyE will officially start on 1st of May but according to Gwen, she can’t wait to start her work with Malaysia Entrepreneurs. She will be spending 4 days of her week over in KL to run day-to-day editorial and operational duties as we expand the team of Malaysia Entrepreneurs. At the same time she will still maintain the position of Chief Editor of SgE for the foreseeable future.

SgE founder, Bernard Leong and myself, Daniel CerVentus believe this is a great step in the right direction as there has been talks of merging SgE and MyE. Both sites have a great informal working relationship and by being the Chief Editor on both sides, Gwen will be able to better create synergies between Singapore and Malaysia entrepreneurs.

Due to recession, a lot of professionals are seeking to be entrepreneurs and it has caused MyE to grow rapidly. MyE sees a great need to import great talents like Gwen to grow the company. She brings with her a fantastic track record of helping SgE to establish itself as the top destination for entrepreneurship in Singapore.

When asked as to why she decided on working in Malaysia and with MyE, Gwen said ” I’m thinking of settling down in Malaysia someday because of my Peranakan heritage. Also the islands in Malaysia are really beautiful and looking forward to spend some time over there.

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