Makeathon Challenge! Roadsafety “Flash” Makeathon on coming Weekend!

Makeathon Challenge: Develop ideas and prototypes to save people on the roads. Join makeweekend to brainstorm and build!


Makeathon: How You Can Save Lives This Weekend


Tandemic will hold a Safety Tech ‘Flash’ Makeathon from Saturday to Sunday (Jun 8th, 10am-7pm, Jun 9th, 10am-2pm) where we’re bringing together people to ideate and build prototypes of new technology to improve road safety. Makeathon, which will be held at Makespace, SS-Two Mall, has some of the cool tools, including the Makerbot 3D printer. So grab your friends and come and join us on the 8th and 9th!

During Makeathon, you will develop ideas and prototypes to save people on the roads. This includes: How do we make texting in the car safe? How do we help trucks get a better idea of the objects around them? How do we make roads safer for motorbikes? We’ll be working on figuring out these challenges and more.

You’ll get a chance to submit the solutions to, where there’s RM 55,000 in prizes for people with great ideas around road safety.

To register for Makeathon, submit your registration at


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Makeweekend is an intensive programme designed to help people in their “first steps” of building innovative projects, social projects, and new lines of businesses by bringing together people from various backgrounds both technical and non-­‐technical projects. Over a 48-hour time frame, interdisciplinary teams, consisting of students and professionals, work together on concepts and hash out ideas into working prototypes.


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Tandemic hosts a series of community innovation events known as The *Weekend Movement, including Makeweekends and Hackweekends, Malaysia’s largest platform of makers and doers where developers, engineers, designers,and many others collaborate to prototype new products and services.

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