Looking For a Technical Co-founder? Stop!

How do I find a technical co-founder? That is a huge questions especially among idea people.  I guess a technical co-founder is one way to build you startup if you are a cheapskate. But hey, it is good to be cheap or the kids call it lean to build your startup. Here are some facts, there are more people with ideas than people with viable technical skills. People with technical skills need  money to sustain. My suggestion which is oddly similar to Alexeymk‘s, so we gonna use his presentation for put forward our point.

Summary on the presentation

Don’t spend your time looking for a technical co-founder, it’s not an efficient use of your time. Instead, either:

Learn to code
Step needing to rely on others for execution
Meet technical people
Managing technical people becomes way easier

Get an external team:
Don’t offer equity
Weekly useful versions of the product
Pay weekly or hourly
A successful project doesn’t ‘end’
Peanuts ==> Monkeys

Avoid a ‘tech play’
Use white-labeled ‘off the shelf’ services where available
Fake your back-end: launch with only a pretty design, do back-end manually
License the tech from a company in a different vertical or geographic location


Other takeaways:
Get a technical advisor
Ask for advice, not employment
Co-founders are looking for competence and traction


Some of my thoughts

– Always be pitching, learn to find ways to pitch your business idea when you have a mock-up of your app. If you are convincing, you might be able to convince some people to join you or to help you out.

– Join technical events to learn about the technology and the people behind it. Do not go there with the purpose to seeking for technical founder. Like going after a girl (or guy), let them be intrigued with your idea and let them come to you to find out more.

– Prepare to burn your first outsourced MVP. If you have not use an outsource service, you will most likely get you first product wrong.

– Learn to do story board and wireframe. Learn to tell a story and show using wireframes on how the app will work.


Note: Steve and Woz were close friends and when they started Apple Computer, Steve marketed something created by Apple technical co-founder Woz instead of pushing his own idea. Path of least resistant.

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