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Learning Branding and Business: Is Brand Experience overated? Under-rated? Even irrelevant?

Her face was wide-eyed with anxiety – her eyelashes spread out like spiders’ legs across her pale face.  “Where did you put your mother?” She asked me.

It’s strange how families pull together in hospital wards isn’t it?  Ms. Anxious had overheard the conversation between Datin and myself about caring for the infirm – Dato’ is admitted regularly for a weak heart and the family had set up their routine.

However, Ms. Anxious’ mother had been a hale and hearty, independent octagenrian who was rudely felled by a stroke, unannounced and the family were quite shocked and at a loss to know how to care for her in the best way.   So our conversation about caring for the ailing was of great interest to her and her siblings.

The nursing Home my not-so-mobile mother is in has been wonderful for her and for me too – she is comfortable and feels cared for, and I am at peace knowing that she is attended to very well at staffing levels that aren’t possible in my home .  Numerous Homes are clean and efficient, but the difference is that the staff at this one are loving and jovial, cracking jokes, singing and dancing too! Ha Ha Ha!

Their attitude is a tonic for those under their care.  Someone else who had been referred by my experience was delighted at how her mother had improved after being moved there from somewhere else.  Trusting your loved one to strangers is not an easy or comfortable decision to make and to have confidence in this one is VERY precious and to be thankful for.

When I had mentioned the name, Datin immediately recalled who the owners were connected with and their excellent reputation, hence Ms. Anxious’ interest in placing her mother there to be rehabilitated.  Sure the name was the brand, but it’s the services we experience that testify to its worth.