Learn the art and science of online marketing in Asia

HelpLearn.Asia is a brand new seminar that focuses on the real-life implementation of integrated online marketing and digital campaigns. This event is created to allow attendees to get to the basics with no fluffy speeches, draggy keynotes and/or death-by-jargon.

HelpLearn.Asia is perfect for small medium enterprises (SMEs), startups, marketers and anyone who want to truly understand online marketing. Not just theories, but also hard facts and statistics to back it up. The goal is to allow attendees to become proficient in industry best practices in all-available online marketing channels.

The first in the series will be a 2-day seminar in Singapore in late January ’13. It will be held at Fusionopolis’ Genexis Theatre. Besides having a bevy of well-respected presenters, there will be valuable networking sessions and an after party to sum it all up.

This event exists to help Asia learn how to down to the essence of getting results from online marketing. CEO and Founder, Adriana Gascoigne of Girls In Tech will be leading the charge to educate the masses.

“Online marketing has evolved from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have commodity for SMEs. With over 1 billion internet users, 800 million social network enthusiasts and over 3 billion mobile subscribers, Asia is ripe for a seminar circuit like HelpLearn.Asia, which will undoubtedly revolutionize the way people are doing business,” says Adriana.

The same team that orchestrated the meteoric rise to prominence of EatAds.com, Dropmysite.com and Dropmyemail.com will back up Adriana in this endeavour. With various experts in the different aspects of online marketing, the team achieved the following:

Buying clicks at less than $0.02 each (industry average is $0.25)
Making cost per acquisition at $0.50 (industry average is $10)
Soaring to the top of SEO rankings on key words in months
Appearing in positive articles on Wall Street Journal, CNBC and Venture Beat

This team will ensure that HelpLearn.Asia will be the most straightforward and hands-on workshop that anyone can attend. Attendees will receive detailed instructions, witness live demonstrations, and explore relevant case studies to build real campaigns like the experts.

While online marketing covers many aspects, the key topics that will be explored at the first seminar will be the most relevant. The speakers will delve deeply into conducting analytics of marketing campaigns, maximising social media beyond just Facebook and others.

Esteemed speakers will come from all over the world to share the secrets of their success with attendees. Prominent speakers based in Asia will also be present to offer their unique localized knowledge. Currently, the speakers have already confirmed their involvement with the seminar will hail from the US, South Africa, Singapore, UK and more.

To help as many people as possible learn about online marketing, the costs of this event will be heavily subsidized from sponsors and partners.

“Over the past 6 months, I’ve helped many startups with their online marketing and I feel the need to support the ecosystem with this knowledge. This is the right forum to help more people,” says John Fearon, CEO and Founder of Dropmyemail.com, who will be speaking on effective paid search.

Besides Singapore, HelpLearn.Asia will also move around the region. Plans are currently drawn up for stops in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and more.

Additional Information:

HelpLearn.Asia (Singapore)

Date: 28th & 29th January ‘13
Location: Genexis Theatre, 1 Fusionopolis Way (S)138632

Tickets (in SGD)

Usual price $250
Early bird price $225 (valid up to 28th December ’12) Student price $100
Bulk price $200 each (minimum 5 tickets)

Tickets for the first HelpLearn.Asia in Singapore is available now at www.eventnook.com


Adriana Gascoigne – Founder and CEO of Girls in Tech
Vinny Lingham – CEO of Gyft.com
Keith Timimi – Chairman of VML Qais
Tom Van den Berckt – Head of strategy at Clicks2customers.com Carmen Benitez – President/Managing Director of Fetch Plus Inc. Matthew Hanagan – Director of Online Marketing at Spafinder.com Rachit Dayal – Managing Partner, Happy Marketer

John Fearon – Founder and CEO of Dropmyemail.com Jonathan Liu – Founder of Moonlight Marketing