KICKSTART for Singles feat. Li Kim – Celebrity Host of The Paranormal Zone

KICKSTART for Singles! A Kick-Ass Event that is coming up on 18th of November 2013 (Wednesday)!

A speaker who is a serial entrepreneur and a celebrity host of a successful local production “The Paranormal Zone”. Interesting Isn’t? Read On~

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Okay, all geared up for the last KICKSTART of 2013? And boy do we have the best way to exit the year…

KICKSTART for Singles!

Wait! Wait! Do I have to be single to come for this asskicking KICKSTART?

Well, technically YES, on Facebook only though… WTF?!?! All you have to do is change your relationship status to IN AN OPEN RELATIONSHIP for at least 24 hours after your eventbrite registration (we’ll be checking in on your Facebook), and when your friends or network start asking you the questions, all you have to say is #kickstartmademesingle!

Are you crazy!?!

Yeah, and you know what? So are the users of social media today. You know that at KICKSTART, we do all kinds of socio-consumer-behavior experiments (heck, KICKSTART was an experience since day one!), and we always pass on our learning to the community. I’m sure you wanna be part of something legendary, yeah?

KICKSTARTOf course, no KICKSTART is complete without a featured mentor, and this month we have celebrity host of the wildly successful local production The Paranormal Zone, Li Kim. Elder sister to a previous mentor on KICKSTART – Li Kheng – Li Kim is brought up in a business environment and as a serial entrepreneur, PR and Media expert, she’s gonna be using relationships as a metaphor for her session. Expect candid conversations and sometimes odd observations as she takes the stage, and did I mention she’s single too?

We’re bringing back our famous 1-minute pitch for this month, but with a little twist. (In the tradition of itchy-backsideness of course) Instead of 60 seconds, you get only 15 to open! Hey, as with all pickup lines, you ain’t gonna get the other party waiting for a minute before she gives you the green light (or the slap). So plan your “pick-up-line” pitch well, and if the crowd says YES at the end of 15 seconds, you get more stage time. Nail it! So… time to change that relationship status on FB, and get ready for the first (or probably last) KICKSTART for Singles! Remember, your reply is #kickstartmademesingle

Event Info:

When? Wednesday, 18th December 2013
Time? 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Where? Mindvalley’s Hall of Awesomeness, Level 29, Tower A, UOA Bangsar (Bangsar LRT Station)

$$? Kickstart is free, since this is a community project. Feel like it’s too good to be true? Help us spread the word, bring friends, family members and colleagues.

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