Joot Ventures, Joota – Social Content Network just secured a total of USD 700K funding from two investment sources!!

Joot Ventures, Joota – Social Content Network just secured a total of USD 700K funding from two investment sources!!

Joot Ventures Sdn Bhd, the company that developed Joota, a social content network, today announced that it has recently secured a total of USD 700K funding from two investment sources – USD 500K in funding from Interactive E Solutions JLT of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and, USD 200K in funding from an individual angel investor. The new funding will be used to finance product development of Joota’s social content network platform, as well as, to support its global marketing and promotional efforts.

Company Overview:

The Joota web-based platform was released as public beta in June 2012. Joota takes a unique approach compared to existing platforms today by making social networks dynamic and connecting people through content. It helps users build meaningful social networks around content that matters to them.


Mr. Ashran Ghazi, co-founder and chief operating officer at Joota said, “We are excited to receive this new round of funding. It allows us to support our technology team to continue to improve Joota as well as our increasing efforts in marketing and promoting our universal social content network platform to Internet users around the globe. We are thankful to Interactive E Solutions JLT and our private angel investor for granting us their trust and recognizing our strategy to grow.”

Mr. Shahid Mahmud, Chairman/CEO Interactive Group said, “We are extremely excited about Joota. There is an information overload on the Internet and having Joota Internet users can easily filter the content into manageable information clusters. The way Joota engages online community around content is very interesting. Broadband markets offer immense appetite for social networking and content sharing. With Joota we will usher in a new era of Internet usage proliferating the positive effects of content sharing amongst the people. We at Interactive E Solutions JLT are equally excited about Joota’s approach to making the social network a meaningful experience.”

Prior to these latest investments from the two sources (Interactive E Solutions JLT and an individual angel investor) Joota had raised approximately USD 1.6 million in funding from various other investment sources.

Joota is a social content network accessible via web-browsers. The platform allows users to build their community based on shared interest around content.

Upon signing up, users will be able to utilize features such as, a Joota bookmarklet. The bookmarklet not only helps users collect content from the Internet but also start a conversation immediately after the content is bookmarked and a Joota card opens up; all without having to leave the webpage from which the “joot” originated.

Joota is also built with integration in mind, so users can choose to share content they have collected and curated with friends on social networks and embed “joots” on blogs and websites.


“Joota wants to help people build meaningful social networks around content. That is why we are making this a reality using our platform that connects people through content that they’re interested in. On Joota, we provide users with a tool to easily select content that are relevant to them and discover like-minded people on the same platform. This is important in building a meaningful relationship,” Mr. Ashran Ghazi added.

About Interactive E Solutions, JLT (an Interactive Group Company)

Interactive Group is the leading ICT provider in Pakistan and provides a vast portfolio of products and services in the ICT domain to the public and corporate sector in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Turkey. Interactive has undertaken large telecommunications infrastructure project like establishing Paktel Limited with Cable & Wireless; now Zong a China Mobile a cellular company, first Nationwide VSAT networks for the Public sector, free to air TV channels over satellite; National Police ICT infrastructure; building tens of data centers; a public safety network that interconnects all the police stations in Pakistan amongst others. Interactive Group’s Ultimate purpose is “To solve pressing issues of society” by leveraging technology to address the challenges of the 21st century.

About Joota
Joota helps users build meaningful social networks around content. With Joota, users can easily collect and socialize around images, videos, text and more. Joota is owned by Joot Ventures Sdn Bhd and is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with an office in Portland, Oregon, USA. Visit Joota at