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Job boards are a graveyard

I’m at a university. It’s career day. Student after student are telling me they hear nothing from hirers after applying on job boards. It’s like a Bermudas Triangle for resumes. I start to understand their apathy is with finding work, and not the work itself.

Sometimes when you’re looking to hire talent, it might help to know the problems potential employees face with the hiring process, and fix that.

Job boards
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Can you stand out as a hirer from Job Boards?

I wonder if you want to stand out as a hirer, why not reply to each candidate personally… I understand your problem with that suggestion. Job boards have made it incredibly easy for the click generation to click their resumes over to you. So easy, you’re unsure if the applicant actually read the job description, and it’s all becoming a bit spammy.

However, from our surveys only 1 in 5 hirers receive so many applicants that it’s difficult for them to respond to each personally. Meaning most talent paused long enough to express their intention to join a company, and thought they had the skills for it.

I see this phase of the hiring process as an opportunity for hirers to build brand awareness with potential employees, and as a possible stepping stone to their social network.

Direct them to a video of your company’s culture and make it easy for them to share it on Facebook, get them to answer an out the box question on Quora created by your employee, let them know if they didn’t make it to the candidate list or invite them to a Hackathon event where they get to meet your employees.

Give them a call to action after applying. At least they know you’re alive even if job boards’ are a graveyard.

job boards
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