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Event for Entrepreneurs and Businesses to Learn All Things that are Software

All Things Software 2012 allows entrepreneurs (buyers and trade visitors) to discover and evaluate the most innovative products and services (specifically in Business Processes & Sectoral Solutions Zone, Banking & Financial, & Tech Startup). This paves the way for entrepreneurs to make a purchase or secure partnerships with the exhibitors. Entrepreneurs would want to grab this opportunity as we have top notch exhibitors and sponsors from around the globe such as SafenetInc, Hong Kong and Parasoft Pte Ltd, Sinagapore.

The APAC Software market is growing rapidly. From US$46 billion in 2011, it is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.9% over the next four years, reaching revenues of $65 billion in 2015. The demand for software continues to grow among enterprises in the region; All Things Software 2012 will be a great platform for entrepreneurs to conduct market research on the latest product in software industry. Since the exhibitors are majorly from APAC region, this will be a plus point for entrepreneurs who are considering to penetrate or to start up in this particular region.

At All Things Software 2012, exhibitors will run free informative demonstrations and display their products and services allowing entrepreneurs to learn & be educated in the application of different softwares in various industries.

As the exhibitors for All Things Software are from major companies, entrepreneurs will be given the chance to communicate directly with experienced and trusted marketers/consultants. This will enable entrepreneurs to gain useful and valuable knowledge on software related information. Being able to make contact with experienced consultants and gain up-to-date software related information, hence why it is a must for entrepreneurs to visit All Things Software 2012 this October!

For more information on how your business can be involved with All Things Software 2012 event, please visit their official website here

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