Janice Fraser, The Lean Startup Entrepreneur

Recently, I had the privilege to meet up with Janice Fraser, who is a legend in the UX and startup world or how she has been described by many as a grizzled and cynical veteran of Silicon Valley. She has been instrumental in helping with the growth of some amazing companies and publications such as Netscape, GamePro and more famously Adaptive Path. She was one of the co-founder of Adaptive Path and has served as the CEO of company for 6 year. During her tenure, she invested in the team which created Measure Map. The business was eventually sold to Google for more than 10 times the amount the company invested.

Her current company that she co-founded is Luxr which is helping the field of lean startup. The company was founded in July 2010 with the mission to help everyone who wants to do a start a business with premise, Silicon Valley is leading charge in entrepreneurs knowledge and know how.