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It Pays to be Specific for Entrepreneurs to Create Powerful Brands for Themselves

A couple of years ago a fellow participant at a huge convention said “I know many people who might be interested in what you are doing.  Tell me what YOU are looking for, and I’ll introduce you”.  Guess what?  I could not be specific, waffled vaguely and missed out on fantastic opportunities to increase my business through a personal referral.   You bet I kicked myself really, really hard!  I was sickened and from then on, began to plan what referrals to ask for specifically, according to the background of whom I’m speaking with.  It works WELL.

It all starts with an elevator pitch which revolves around what your brand delivers.  It is worth spending time to write out something that is no longer than 90 seconds, memorizing it, and then re-packaging it to suit whomever you are speaking to.

For example, write out what value customers get from you (the core of your deliverables), which customers you want (your best market), and where they can check your product out and get it.  This can form the basis of your elevator pitch which introduces you – it should not be a sales pitch, but an introduction to what you can offer.

There was one occasion when I’d been seated next to a translator who was anticipating the influx of Koreans and built her business around this group, and she’d said “If you know anyone who wants to meet Koreans, please refer them to me”.  I didn’t think too much of it, because she was so specific.  What on earth were the chances that just 48 hours later I’d meet a man whose business is to compile a directory of the Korean community in Kuala Lumpur? The man received a priceless connection to the translator, just because he stated clearly what he was looking for, and the woman I’d met previously had been equally clear about what she was offering.  WOW!  Can you imagine all the advertising $$$ they’ve saved?

Neither of them was asking me to buy anything from them, they were merely being specific about what they offer, and they did ask me to refer business to them.  Ask for what you want, clearly.