International Feng Shui Bagua Expert, Joey Yap to Speak about Wealth Creation and Business Success to Entrepreneurs is proud to support Live & Inspire this Thursday, where the personal development and business mastery company will host internationally renowned Malaysian Feng Shui Bagua Master, Joey Yap in his rare appearance to talk about Wealth Creation and Business Success towards Entrepreneurs in the Year of the Dragon 2012. Best of all, this event is Free and you may get the Master to read your fortunes too.
The Live & Inspire series had evolved from a mere 2-bunting-without-audio and minimal following platform, to what it is today, an-award-winning-live-set, with a larger following (community, sponsors & partners) participating in personal growth. It has been 55 weeks in total that we have shared this space with the community at the grassroots. Over the course of the years since they started in 2009, they have been featuring speakers from renowned entrepreneurs, to humanitarians, to global leaders to industry captains, to celebrities and now, Joey Yap, himself.
Come this Thursday, 12th April, we will be launching our fifth season of the series focusing on Business & Mastery. We have the privilege of hosting Feng Shui consultant Joey Yap, who is globally known for his work in the transformation of humanity’s understanding of the self. We thought what better way for any individual in business & life to understand the science/elements of strengths and weakness within before even attempting or taking a business venture to the next level.
The event is Free and you can simply walk in to register yourself. However, be really Early as we know that when Joey Yap speaks, it will be a full house. Make your way to Bangsar Village 2 Starbucks and sip into great coffee while getting the best advice on Feng Shui tips that work for your business.
For more information, please visit Live & Inspire here. is proud to be associated with the Live & Inspire Season V premiere joined together by other friends likeĀ ACCA Malaysia, Starbucks, Yayasan 1Malaysia, IACT College, Bangsar Village, Friends To Mankind, Malaysia SME, Global Entrepreneurship Week,, BoldTree and the dedicated team of Live & Inspire.
We will see you all there!