Innovative Social Entrepreneurship Competition by Smaller Earth to Rock Global Entrepreneurship Congress

Inspired by social entrepreneurship movements by Nobel Peace Prize winner Prof. Yunus, the innovative social entrepreneurs competition, Your Big Year will mark its 2nd year debut with participants from over 221 countries. This global social entrepreneurship and volunteerism competition is organised by Smaller Earth a UK-based company speacializing in travel exchange and work. The competition saw more than 60,000 applicants all aspiring young entrepreneurs applying to be part of the opportunity.

This time, the 16 finalists will be flown in to join the Global Entrepreneurship Congress where the main organiser, Smaller Earth will search for the winner of Your Big Year. Upon winning this competition, they will get the opportunity to travel the world in 2012 and get involved in various capacities with NGOs and social enterprises spread across 20 countries, from doing volunteer work on-site, to helping out with the operations, marketing and pushing their causes further.

The brainchild of Smaller Earth Group CEO, Chris Arnold, the competition this year would see the participants working with social enterprises, institutions and charitable companies, in raising funds to tackle pressing issues in society. They would also be involved in a campaign to promote the spirit of volunteering and social enterprise in the Liverpool area.

The competition, a truly unique one of its kind, offers the grand prize winner with a life-time trip around the world in 2012, all expenses paid for, with a placement in more than 20 countries, working with social entrepreneurs and non-for-profit organisations in helping to solve issues faced by the local communities.

In the past, the organisers of this competition had worked with global organisations and social enterprises like African Impact  who manages social efforts concerned with the environmental and economical developments of the people in Africa, to Global Vision International  a UK-based organisation which projects spread across the world and Conservation Volunteers Australia  where most of the projects are based in the outbacks of the greater regions of Australia.

As the trend is rising for entrepreneurs to consider molding their businesses to be socially responsible and bring good to the society, the Your Big Year competition is timely, as its presence as one of the main events during the Global Entrepreneurship Congress, would do good in creating that awareness and urgency among entrepreneurs to be more responsible towards their businesses and the impact that they make on the world.

The best way to learn about social entrepreneurship and the good impact that it will make, is to be involved with it hands on and learn from it. Hopefully through this competition, more successful social entrepreneurs will be made, or people would acknowledge the fact that social enterprises are changing our world, as according to Prof. Yunus of the Grameen Bank.