Indonesia, the next superpower for technology market

As one of the world’s biggest country with strong emerging economy, Indonesia is currently sits under the spotlight from global companies looking at how they can tap into the millions of users waiting to be served.
Jakarta, September 10th 2012 – Indonesia, a country with over 250 million people populating thousands of islands inside its territory lately has become a world sensation for its growing economy. Holding the title as Facebook’s 4th biggest market and Twitter’s 3rd biggest market, Indonesia has been receiving a lot of attention from global tech companies
looking at opportunities in the country.
Some analyst even dubbed Indonesia as the next big thing in terms of technology market. The people behind Sparxup 2012, Indonesia’s biggest tech conference, couldn’t agree more. Chairman Rama Mamuaya has been keeping contact with hundreds of people interested to tap Indonesia’s vast market, be it mobile, internet and everything in between.
“We want to bring great speakers both international and also local speakers to fill in the
knowledge gap between two sets of people in the industry. We believe that once this gap
is filled, it would boost the tech industry even more” Mamuaya said in a statement.
Teruhide Sato, Group CEO Netprice Japan “At every domain of Internet business, such as marketplace, payment, comparison, B2C, online AD, affiliate, community, O2O, games, etc, we will see  the similar or even bigger business opportunity in this country for next 5 years with its huge population at young generation and large number of the middle class”.
Sato is doing a keynote presentation at Sparxup 2012 conference, where he will talk about market expansion to emerging markets, specifically Indonesia Blaast, a Helsinki-based mobile company is prioritizing Indonesia for their product launch.
“Indonesia is quickly emerging as one of the mobile super powers. The combination of its young, tech-enthusiastic 240 million population and the quickly improving infrastructure makes it a very interesting “mobile first” country. There are huge opportunities in the current feature phone market and even more so in the democratization of smartphones,
which is getting closer day by day. These are also the main reasons why Blaast chose to be an Indonesia-first company” said Blaast CEO, Joonas Hjelt, one of the keynote speaker for the upcoming Sparxup 2012 conference.
“I think the best way to create internet business in this country now is to deploy those “proven” business models with the latest technologies and methods, like open source, cloud, agile development, mobile at lower cost and build locally, support locally and be led by the local passionate and innovative entrepreneurs” Sato added.
Matt Barrie, an amazing entrepreneur that runs biggest site for freelancers, is also joining Sparxup 2012 as a keynote speaker and sponsor. To date, over 2.5 million projects have been by project owners outsourced through his site The site also wins the15th Annual Webby Awards as best Employment Site of the Year.
Besides amazing international speakers, Sparxup 2012 also hosts local entrepreneurs with vast knowledge on the local market. Reza Prabowo, an Bandung-based entrepreneur will be talking about potential tech market outside of Jakarta. When asked about why Jakarta received big exposure, Prabowo said “Jakarta got the latest infrastructure update first,
because the bigger infrastructure principals (telco, isp) are there”, citing the need of exposure to other cities as potential tech market.
Another local speaker with local knowledge is Ivan Hudyana from “As one of Indonesia’s own e-commerce player, we are committed to help facilitate idea growth and innovation from Indonesian tech entrepreneurs” said Ivan Hudyana, a keynote speaker from, Indonesia’s leading e-commerce site.
This year’s Sparxup is shaping itself as the hottest tech conference in Indonesia with amazing speakers ranging from entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and established IT professionals ready to share their knowledge to the audience. It’s definitely something most people with interest in technology and business can’t afford to miss.
Detailed information on speakers, conference tickets and sponsorship opportunities can
be found on Sparxup’s official website