Joel Neoh

How to Profit from Effective Social Media Strategies for Malaysian Business and Entrepreneurs by 11 Experts

From social media experts, to entrepreneurs who have created award-winning social media campaigns and have launched online consumer driven companies, to marketing and branding experts, to viral campaign initiators, Malaysia is never out of good talents, knowledge and tangible experience related to social media to share with businesses and entrepreneurs who wish to profit from it.

Hosted by Malaysia’s leading online portal –, a panel of social media experts, practitioners and success stories will be gathering to share their best practices and tips with Malaysian businesses and entrepreneurs on succeeding with social media. It is unavoidable now that businesses need to adapt their marketing and promotional practices towards social media, while entrepreneurs who are starting up with their startups can easily gain an advantage over established competitors if they are social media savvy.

Industry success stories include Groupon Malaysia CEO, Joel Neoh who will be sharing the company’s best practices in netting nearly 3 million subscribers during his leadership tenure in Groupon Taiwan and Groupon Malaysia when it comes with engaging the customers towards Group purchase.

The Head of Client Relations from Malaysia’s largest consumer research community,, Christopher Wee will also be sharing some powerful strategies on building client relationships and making companies understand the need to invest resources towards social media marketing.

Head of Industry, Telecommunications, Technology and Automotive for Google Malaysia, James Yeang will be involved with the conference as well, to share about the future outlook of marketing through social media and how is Google revolutionizing their products to appeal to the fast changing social media scene.

Social media consulting agency, Social Grooves, headed by Christopher Tock who is a Malaysian social media celebrity and opinion leader will also share his thoughts on responsible social media marketing by Malaysian based companies and entrepreneurs in engaging with clients and customers on the world wide web.

Revolutionary self-help global company based in Malaysia, Mindvalley will have its social media expert share about best practices in converting social media leads into actual sales among customers engaged online.

For the entire list of the speakers can be found here.

The event will be held on the 19th of April, at Menara UOB, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.