dave mcclure

How To Pitch To a VC

Dave McClure is a man that wears many hats. 500 of them as a matter of fact(his site is called 500 hats). He has been involved and invested in some of the most interesting startups in Silicon Valley. From his days at Paypal to Slideshare and to Mint.com, Dave have seen it all especially on both side of the pitch.

During Presentation Camp in San Francisco, Dave McClure came up with a set of slides which became to know as the StartUp Viagra on the best way to pitch to a venture capitalist. These slides helps you understand what an investor will take notice about your business when you pitch to them and how to position yourself as a hot asset they will all rush to invest. The template been used by companies like MINT.com which end up being the winner of then TechCrunch 40 and later acquired by their main competitor Intuit.

Here are Dave’s Startup Viagra slides, follow by the slides used by Mint during TC40.

Dave who is an organizer of Geek on a Plane will be in Asia for GOAP and Echelon 2010

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