How to Market Your Events Online (ie BarCampKL)

If you are into event organizing the online world has make it really easy to market your events.
It allows you to zero in on your target at their popular hangout locations.

For those entrepreneurs have been to the first BarCamp Malaysia, Start-up camp, BarCamp JB and more? Here are some techniques we used to create a whole buzz about our community events.

1. Facebook Events Invite.
Facebook events page a great tools to get people to sign up or at least take notice of your events.
Just Invite your friends and this allows your friends to share with their friends over their Facebook Feed.
People with similar interest will take notice of the event and find out more themselves.

2. Twitter Hashtags.
Twitter is a really simple messaging tool that has become a whole lot more for its users. Adding the character “#” to the front of the keyword. For example to track the whole BarCampKL, we are gonna use #barcampkl when we are referring anything barcampkl related tweets.

3. Embedded Badges
It is also very effective to allow attendees or supporters of your events to post up badges at their own site to promote the event.

Make it easy from them to cute an paste some codes from your site without needing them to upload the pictures themselves. Below are some of the BarCampKL examples.

BarCampKL I’m So There Embded Logo 125×125
Copy the code and paste in your blog

BarCampKL I’m There Embded Logo 250×250

Copy the code and paste in your blog

4. Blogger’s Kit
You might have heard of press kit for Media and a blogger’s kit is essentially the same idea. You have a write up of the events, images, stats and how would you like to be linked back.

A good example would be write up we set up for BarCampKL and this will be sent to bloggers.
Remember bloggers would no need to follow everything word by word but it helps to provide something they can cut and paste.

We hope you learn something about marketing your events online and if you want to practice, help the community spread the word out of BarCampKL on this 4th and 5th April 2009 in Inti Subang and remember to register yourself.

For web2.0 marketing tips we will do a session in BarCampKL.

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