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How to Find the Best SEO Experts and Services for Your Business

n today’s business environment, often too many companies fail because they believe they will get there just through hard work and perseverance.  Ten years ago that was fine, but the moment you step outside the borders of Malaysia,  you would realize that you are up against other companies that think and act globally from day one including using all sort of Internet and digital marketing services.

In today’s business environment, building just a corporate website isn’t enough for entrepreneurs to succeed in a competitive regional and global business environment, as there are millions of websites that are equally good or better out there.  If you have a fancy and cool looking website, but still very much lack the visitors, then something is seriously wrong and the site does not serve any business purpose.

Virtually the website is just like a company’s printed product brochure sitting in the office and remains there without any promotional or marketing purpose.  In our business practices, you do spend money on brand awareness and promotion of some kind on newspaper, magazine, billboard, yellow pages directories and some other form of advertising, then why not you do something in the Internet space.

If entrepreneurs want to succeed in today competitive business environment, then they ought to start to shift their focus to web promotional services including SEO services (search engine optimization services), SMM services (social media marketing services), PPC services (pay-per-click services), CRO services (conversion rate optimization services), and others.

Over the years of experience and ever since the inception of Nexus Mediaworks International, I do come across many entrepreneurs in Malaysia who think that online marketing or SEO services isn’t required for his or her business to succeed.

They claim that their business is big enough and do not need any online marketing services but after years of losing out they are those who came back to me with regrets and seeking for professional assistance.  Just imagine if your site lie of the fiftieth page of the Google search engines and that is just equal to throwing your existing website to the backyard and it it’s like your website do not exist at all.

It is important for those who dedicate themselves to online marketing activities are the ones who can reach their targeted customers faster and expand their business rapidly.

Online Visibility

Ultimately the most important factor of going online is about online visibility and not because my competitor has a website and I need a website.  The important factor of going online is to promote your site through the right channel i.e., Google search engine and to create brand awareness, which in turn makes your website searchable by targeted audience in your targeted geographical location.

Genuine Visitors

Another important factor is to get genuine and targeted audience to your website, subsequently generating enquiries to your website.  It is important to know that an increased traffic doesn’t always guarantee that a site is getting genuine quality visitors who are interested in your products and services.  Most of the time throughout my professional consultation and audit of clients website including conglomerate, I did notice a lot of their sites are driving unwanted traffic and creating extremely high bounced rate.  Web marketing must start from finding the right consultant with high level of ethical code to assist you to grow your business and it is equally important that you want to work with a consultant that has a track record in delivering quality results.  The consultant is knowledgeable enough to explain and strategize your web marketing to the right people via specific keyword phrases and other techniques that are deemed legal by Google.  Ultimately the end result, the website must be able to generate quality visitor to your business and increase the chances of conversion.

Return of Investment

Businessman spending any advertising dollar whether through physical and online activities will want to get as much ROI in the shortest time possible.  It is important for entrepreneurs to fully understand that online marketing does not guarantee you in securing the deal but to drive you with quality enquiries.  It is important for entrepreneurs to fully understand, that a well built website with quality design, comprehensive information and content can keep its customers attracted to your site and subsequently gather a higher chance of turning the leads into conversion.

Many entrepreneurs fail to realize that online marketing is an ever-changing trend.  It is important for them to realize what is working for them now and might not even work after few days or weeks, as Google is improving their search engine algorithm with better relevancy and new updates.  It is important for entrepreneurs to understand if your website was done using “blackhat or illegal” search engine technique, then there are strong chances for their sites to be punished and delisted from Google.  With the latest Panda updates by Google, many of the sites in Malaysia were punished and dropped off completely from the Google radar.

Therefore, entrepreneurs must be very careful and ensure that their consultant is willing to give them a letter of undertaking, certifying all the techniques used are legitimate and legal based of Google approved guidelines.  Entrepreneurs ought to check on a regular basis to ensure the techniques are retaining quality visitors to your website.  However, engaging an ethical consultant saves entrepreneurs from this hassle and allowing their businesses to grow!

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