How can startups collaborate with big corporations?

How can startups collaborate with big corporations?

Startups/ Small businesses just starting out face a multitude of challenges but they don’t necessarily have to tackle them all singlehandedly, like David facing multiple Goliaths. Going into some form of partnership with a bigger brand can be an enormous opportunity for a startup and take at least some of the heat off when you’re first setting out.

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However, the actual partnership deal can itself be strewn with hidden dangers, and the validation, press, prestige and growth you assumed would follow from a successful partnership may not be so immediately forthcoming as you’d imagined. Just getting a foot in the door often takes tremendous amounts of time and effort, and then after the contract is signed the delivery of real, mutual value can also be a challenge.

But partnerships with big brands can and do work well when approached intelligently and with no undue expectations of magical transformations suddenly taking place. Here are a few points to take on board when considering such an arrangement yourself.

Press isn’t everything
Getting the word out about your business does not in itself guarantee success. Increased press coverage can in fact be a mere passing spike, and everyone can cite examples of where massive press launches led to complete failure only months later. Press should be seen as a means to other ends such as fundraising, but going into partnership for this reason alone would not be cost or time-effective, as well as a sad waste of resources that could better be spent elsewhere.

Contact the right advocates
Thoroughly investigate the advocate company’s business goals, mandate and experience of similar projects before committing. Just because a small group of enthusiasts in the organisation have shown an interest doesn’t necessarily mean that the key players are on board, and they are the ones who will ultimately sign off the Det ar enkelt att lara sig spela spelautomater pa natet , och om du ar helt ny som spelare sa kan du valja att spela dina forsta rundor genom att bara satsa pa ett enkelt nummer. deal.

Define the scope
A list of deliverables has to be agreed upfront and in writing to avoid situations like wanting some additional functionality in the middle of the project and ending up with chaos as a result. A good idea is to adapt the methodology of some previous project that has a good track record, or to carry out customer planning and development beforehand to maximise the chances of success.

Get a budget secured
Where startups often have to survive hand-to-mouth, big corporations spread the load and think in terms of grand budgets and planning way down the line. You need to ask yourself whether they’ll contribute to the actual marketing of the project and whether they will expect to be doing any of the project work themselves. Which employees will they allocate, and for how long? Your project must be able to secure necessary resources which have been allocated to it and when these are formally in place then the chances of success are far greater than if only ‘best effort’ promises had been made.
In the final analysis, go ahead with the idea of a partnership when it makes sound business as well as emotional sense.