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Hourly Sentiment Analysis For the Malaysia General Election

As the Malaysia General Election is going, we have some new data from our Sentiment Analysis thanks to the folks at JamiQ. If you missed out previous post “Using Sentiment Analysis for the Malaysia General Election“, you can visit a 30 days data which ended since 4th of May.

Currently, we are keeping an hourly data since 12am to 12pm today and here are some findings.

Najib Razak vs Anwar Ibrahim
Anwar Ibrahim 3 GE13

Anwar currently have average of 61.0% positive per entry compare to Najib’s 45.3 % positive per entry


Pakatan Rakyat vs Barisan National

BN vs PKR 2

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Pakatan Raykat leads with an average of 72.0 % positive post per entry compare to Barisan National 62.7 % positive per entry. This is really going to be a neck to neck election.

If you want to follow on the results of this Malaysia General Election, you can check out our previous post on some interesting sites you can go to here.

We will post more details on this experiment after the results are out.


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