Highlights From the Upcoming BarCampJB

* How to change the world with a microloan – Introduction to Kiva by James Yeang aka Friedbeef.com

*Some notes about Web 2.0 in Vietnam” – Huyen Chip.(Vietnam)

* How to Utilize Online Social Networking to Built Your Blog Reader and Grow Your Business!  – Jerry Ong

* “7 Reasons Why Companies Fail and How To Avoid Them! Dr Sivapalan of TeAM

* “Understanding Generation Y” Shaping the mindset of Gen X employers to the new bread of Gen Y employees) – Janet, YourPartTime.com

* “The Mamak Session” How do you come up with ideas and capitalize on it at your local mamak stall.- Daniel Cerventus

* “We got MSC Pre-Seed!” Panel styled discussion from 4 MSC Pre-seed recipients started out as simple ideas in the web2.0 space. Find out how they applied and got preseed, and how preseed does more for you than just gives you money. 

* “Building a global business from anywhere” – Ganesh kumar bangah, the 29 year old CEO of MSC Cyberport and MOL AccessPortal Berhad shares his experience on building a Global business from humble beginnings.

* The grass in greener in JB? – A sharing session from some of Johor’s own entrepreneurs who have ventured out of Malaysia but have decided to set up businesses in JB.

* “My 1 Year in a China Web Startup” – Bjorn Lee, co-founder of e27 Singapore, will share his experience from his one year of working in a Beijing-based web startup. Topics include hacks on how to work with the Chinese, win friends and avoid enemies.

Register now at http://www.entrepreneurs.my/barcamp-jb/

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