Dr Siva on High Tech Entrepreneurship

Dr. Sivapalan

We  recently got a chance to sit with Dr Sivapalan who is one of the founding member of Technopreneur Association Malaysia (TeAM). Dr. Siva has been around the entrepreneurs scene in Malaysia for 20 years.

We manage to get his view what is the different between entrepreneurship in general and high tech entrepreneurship

Q:So what is exactly is  high tech entrepreneurship?

A: This is Entrepreneurship involving the extensive use of science, technology and innovation to create new business opportunities and new products & services. It also involves the use of new technologies like the Internet and mobile as the medium of delivery for services and products and as a means of aggregating customers and users to deliver and share content and information on your product or service. Such media are also used as a means to market their products and services and to gauge user behaviors.
Q:What is it different between between conventional entrepreneurship?
A:Besides the use of extensive S&T and Innovation, high-tech Entrepreneurship is also different from traditional Entrepreneurship because of the use of new methods of financing like R&D grants and Venture Capital to fund R&D and commercialization. The level of innovative technical skills in high-tech Entrepreneurship is also vastly different from traditional Entrepreneurship which often does not require significant innovation in technology to be a business.

Q: How come there is such a high failure rate?

A:This is primarily because of the poor grasp of the knowledge and skills required to be a high-tech Entrepreneur. Most Entrepreneurs attempt to run their business on a very ad-hoc basis without realising that there is a systemic method to Entrepreneurial success. Because of this the failure rate is very high.
Dr. Siva is currently “semi retired” and serve as a mentor and consultant to TeAM as well as several start-ups in Malaysia. He was unable to tell us about his current projects but he mention that he will be giving a lecture at Malaysia University of Science and Technology on Innovative Venture Creation & High-Tech Entrepreneurship this 26-27 AUGUST 2008, Istana Hotel.
Normal Rate: RM2000 per person
Discount Rate: RM1500 per person (before 20th Aug 2008)
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The guest speakers for this event including two very successful Malaysian entrepreneurs and CEO, Prem of Malaysia Kini and Chris Chan of the Media Shoppe Bhd.
For more details and registration visit MUST’s site here.

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