Groupsmore Is Acquired By Groupon in Just 5 Months

Barely 5 months in the market in Malaysia and with over 20 plus Groupon clones both big and small. Groupon have decided to purchase YouthAsia’s project, for an undisclosed amount. This is ano

ther South East Asia deal by Groupon where it recently purchased a Singaporean site Beeconomics in 1 Dec.

This seems like an interesting strategy to expand to the world by purchasing clones from around the world who have established the market. With a total amount of 52,632 users at publishing time, this is clearly one of the biggest group buying site in Malaysia as they have leverage a lot in the college and the youth market.

Joel Neoh founder of sites such as Youth Malaysia, Youthsays, says that he can not disclosed the purchased price but it is a very exciting times for all at Youth Asia.

We wish our friends at YouthAsia all the best.

UpdateRead more about the interview with the new CEO of Groupon Malaysia here.

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