Groupon Just Acquired Indonesia Startup Disdus

It been just announce, Groupon is on an acquisition rampage across Asia and recently landed a deal in buying one of the many Indonesia Groupon clone. (It was last counted as 31 “clones” by @nataliardianto co-founder of Rama of who previously commented on there been too many clones in Indonesia should be happy because there is a winning, for now.

As the deal was confirmed between Jason on twitter that they will still be running the show for the new Groupon Indonesia which is similar to the deals around Asean. No price was release.

Clones around Asia are increasingly rushing to grow their sites in hope of an early exit ala Groupsmore(Malaysia) and Beeconomics(Singapore). Speculation on what is next in line should be clones in Thailand and follow by Philippines. I believe that the target in question for Thailand will be Ensogo which have already accumulated over 132,044 likes on Facebook and also have a present in Phillippines with 79,780 likes on Facebook.

The growth and the rush to clone Groupon is amazing in hopping for an purchase by the group buying site, however there seem to be some who are doing just as well by themselves. Sites like Mydeal, seem to be milking the cash cow without an exit strategy. My deals have over 50K fans on the Malaysia Facebook page alone compare to 14,981 of Groupsmore Malaysia page.

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