Greencloud Labs announces the launch of Beepmo, the location-based social network for business professionals

Simon Lower, serial technology entrepreneur and and former founder of Soundbuzz (Asia’s largest mobile music VAS provider, acquired by Motorola Inc. in 2008) announced today the launch of Beepmo, a location-based social network for business professionals focused on Asia.

Says Lower “Beepmo is a location-based mobile social network for business professionals focused on Asia. Beepmo lets users see the professional profiles of people nearby, helps them network more effectively at conferences and events, and discover business networking opportunities around them.”

Beepmo is a venture from Greencloud Labs a Singapore-based Technology Start-up Lab cofounded by Simon Lower and Mark White, ex-Red Hat Inc (NYSE: RHT) founding member.

Referring to Lower, there are 2 reasons which ignited the invention of Beepmo, which is to provide the opportunity to build a mobile centric social network for business professionals focused on Asia where they think the time is right, and to disrupt the way people network at events and conferences which this really hasn’t changed for centuries, i.e. it still pretty much consists of a name badge and an outstretched hand. The Beepmo team figured a service that used existing social networks like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to show to their users what they share in common with people they would like to meet, coupled with location which could be a powerful tool that both business professionals and event and conference organisers would find compelling.
























Beepmo is currently available for iPhone users at the iTunes App store and will be released across other major platforms over the coming months.

On top of that, as been informed by the Beepmo team on February 21st, which is also the 18th day since Beepmo’s public beta went live and 2 weeks since their first public announcement, the response to Beepmo has been overwhelming, in no small part due to the support they’ve had from business leaders.

As on February 21st, there are more than 2000 connections have been made on Beepmo between business professionals from over 70 industries in 26 cities. It’s early days and Beepmo is only available for iPhone, and they haven’t launched their Event features yet – but, the feedback so far has been great and for them, they’re on the right track to truly adding value to users’ business networking, events and productivity.

In the meantime, they’re working hard to get Beepmo on other major mobile platforms with the aim of maximising the business opportunities available to all users wherever they happen to be.

Last but not least, a final hint is given by the team to anyone who will be in Barcelona for the upcoming Mobile World Congress, is make sure to use Beepmo to discover new business opportunities while you’re there.

About Beepmo


Beepmo is a social network for business professionals that uses your location to see who’s around you and browse events that are happening nearby. Beepmo was started with the idea of making business networking easier and attending events more productive. Beepmo helps you to browse events happening in and around your location, find the most relevant ones and plan your attendance and networking goals ahead of time.

About Greencloud Labs


Greencloud Labs is an idea lab and venture accelerator, focused on creating and operating exciting new companies. Our ventures are based on innovations that offer unique, imaginative and disruptive improvements to the way we live, work and play. Greencloud Labs was founded by Simon Lower and Mark White.