puan chan cheong

Green Packet’s Puan Chan Cheong to Keynote at BizStart

Puan Chan Cheong is one fantastic entrepreneur. He grew up in the backwaters of Pahang and when he was young, he made a deal with his parent who were rubber tappers. Because his family was poor, the deal was that he was allowed to skip helping the family in the morning as long as he can achieve the top student position in class. Being a young boy who do not want to wake up at 4am in the morning, he studied his ass off to ensure he was no 1.

As he was growing up, he was fascinated with software industry and seek his own fortune in Silicon Valley with a company called Green Packet that build software for broadband. Based in Cupertino and the company was going to hard times during the year 2000 when it was the burst of the dotcom bubble. The then CEO decide to bail and Puan was left with no choice but to find ways to make the idea work. He was lured by the prospect of the Multimedia Super Corridor and Malaysia’s vision to become the Silicon Valley of the East, he moved his entire operation to Kuala Lumpur.

He began aggressively marketing his solutions to regions such as China and the Middle East and that enabled him to raise more capital by listing his company on Bursa Malaysia. He then went further into the broadband business by bidding for a WiMax license and formed P14G.

When talking to Puan recently in a press event, you get the impression that this guy is aiming way beyond Malaysia and looking to establish an empire to enable universal broadband access.

To listen more about how this poor boy from Pahang fight his way to the top, head on to his keynote on 28th September in MAD Incubator’s Bizstart.Participation is free but you need to register here. For more details visit www.bizstart.com.my