Google New Office in Malaysia, What Does It Mean?

As most would know by today, Google just set up a brand new Malaysia office. Although this would come as a surprise for most people, bloggers such as LiewCF have been speculating about this since former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and former Malaysia Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi met in 2008. Google is not without it’s presents in Malaysia before the set up of the new office.

Hanson Toh, the sole person from Google in Malaysia have been with the company since September 2006 working as a Country Consultant. His primary role was focus at local content site and evangelizing Google Apps to both the public and private sector.

Since Google’s main bread and butter is Adwords, majority of it’s focus for the new office will be here to service clients such as or Mudah. With control over 70 % of the search market in Malaysia, the company been seeing double digit growth in recent year.

The company have also been supportive over local content and developers. Google in Malaysia organized Google DevFest with the help of GTUG Kuala Lumpur (GTUGKL), an independent user group with an interest in Google technologies and this organization (disclosure). Nazroll, the founder of GTUGKL comment that this is a great move by Google hopefully we will see more activities in Malaysia by them.

On the Google App side, organization such as Open University Malaysia (OUM) which was established in August 2001, is one of the biggest users of Google Apps with over 65 thousands of its’ student using the service and I believe this would be another big by Google in Malaysia.

Google Malaysia country manager Sajith Sivanandan said that having a local presence will enable them to better engage Malaysian content producers and users. If you are interested in working for Google, you can visit There are currently 6 jobs focusing on sales and one job in Marketing.

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