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Gilamon – Project ConcreteJungle #12

Gilamon is Malaysia’s most inspiring indie scene, comics publishing company. Formed close to 10 years back with 3 founder’s (later joined by Tan Eng Huat) desire to create, what the local commercial industry is unable. Learn how comic titles such as Major Zombie, Agent Raygunn Smith and Cannibal Boy Private Investigator was bootstrapped through Year One with the help of xerox copiers, staples, silkscreens and a whole load of gritty creativity.

This recording was made during the Comics are cool! convention held at Earth638 on 29.10.11 –

Project ConcreteJungle is a search for Malaysian entrepreneurs of business venture or projects of thought provoking proportion to learn their origin story. The project is free resource but is supported by Greenroom136 , learn about entrepreneurship from the experts.

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