GEW Malaysia was Launched with a Sumpit

The Deputy Minister of Entrepreneurship in Malaysia officially launched GEW Malaysia. 

It was an interesting launch as it was one of those rare occasions that the minister and the British High Commissioner was wearing something casual for an official launch. I guess Tshirt is official outfit for Entrepreneurs. 

The DPM was surprised of the whole events was only organized by a handful of volunteers with a time frame of 100 days. He commented that Malaysia need a new form of Entrepreneur culture. 

One interesting fact was mention by the British High Commissioner Boyd McCleary, that the successful culture of entrepreneurs in both USA and UK is because the government do not penalize failures. UK and US have one of the highest bankrupt rates in the world but yet they build a lot of world class enterprise. That is something we should learn in Malaysia. Embrace failure as part of the process to be successful.

The Malaysian partners showed their supported by numbers as many of them attended this launch graced not only by the two VIP but Paul Kedrosky of the Kaufman Foundation. 

We hope history will look back at 17th November 2008 as the day Malaysia took a quantum leap in embracing the entrepreneurship culture. 

Let the Week Begins

ps. for those who do not know. Sumpit is a traditional blow pipe used by the indigenous of Malaysia for hunting.

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