GEW Malaysia if Finally Over


Now the time is here as we pull the final curtain. It has been one AWESOME journey for most of the partners and volunteer for the past 100 days.

Many bonds have been bridged and many alliances have been formed to push the entrepreneurship adgenda to a new level. We hope that all these effort will not be just for the last 7 days but a continous effort to strive to nuture the best breed of entrepreneurs in the world. Both the young and the young at heart.

As Richard Abas said, ” One thing interesting that all these people came together and created this whole festival without need to care for any color or belief”. 

I believe if we unite our people in a greater direction, we will go far and further than anything, anyone have ever seen in the history of mankind. 

Malaysia Entrepreneurs is honored to be a tiny part of this Global movement and would like to thanks the Make Your Mark and the Kauffman Foundation to ignite the fire.

The fire is burning well in Malaysia and we will definate be a bigger part of GEW in 2009.  

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