GEW Malaysia Behind the Scenes

For most people, GEW Malaysia will be a series of events or press coverage all around Malaysia. You might think there is an army of personals  who are making sure the events work out properly.

Well, actually it is only a handful of dedicated individual who has been coodinating with all the partners. Here are some pictures of what happens behind the scene of the biggest entrepreneurs endeavour Malaysia have seen so far.  


We would like to thanks ALL who have been involved with GEW Malaysia and the Folks at Warisan Global for a job well done. 


3 thoughts on “GEW Malaysia Behind the Scenes”

  1. Kudos to Dash & team & to each and every Entrepreneur who has made GEW a great success in Malaysia. Excellent job… :-)

    Now if only we could have quarterly, then monthly, then weekly of such get together of Entrepreneurs, I believe it will spark the new beginning of how business should be built.

    Many thriving communities are built this way.. Look at the many successful model, e.g. Silicon Valley.

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