Getting Drunk on Mobility

In the year 2009, Asian businesses began looking at reaching audiences in even larger scales as new marketing tools and techniques flourish. And most of it are done online. So the big question from then has always been to understand what works and what not (since it’s fairly new), and if mobile marketing is a viable option or it remains neglected.

A study on trends of effective digital marketing techniques in the America conducted by Forrester Research shows as below.

Over the west, mobile marketing has already played an important role. Whereas in Asia, it could be different. During 2008, the minute attention on mobile marketing were centered particularly on text message promotions and in hope it changes over the coming years. As ADMA connects the dots in this region, it shows some good statistics to consider. Here are some highlights of the their findings:

  • Internet users in Asia Pacific spent more than 5.6 trillion minutes online in 2009, and bought US$7 billion in virtual goods.
  • When it comes to making online purchases, Asians across the board listen closely to their friends. Nearly half (48%) of South Korean internet users said they had bought something in the past because it was either discussed or recommended by one of their online friends, as have 38.2% of Malaysians, 40.4% of Japanese, 42.2% of Vietnamese, 48.4% of Indonesian’s and one third of Filipinos.
  • Mobile shopping is taking hold of the region, with nearly eight out of 10 Asian mobile users engaging in some form of mobile shopping activity in the past year.
  • The Koreans are the top shoppers, with 97% of internet users say they have shopped online.
  • Indians spent the least amount of time online of any Asian nation, at 11 hours per month.
  • 63% of Singaporeans online watch TV at the same time.
  • Japan leads the pack with mobile social media – more than 75% of social network users only access the sites via their mobiles.
  • The Filipinos lead the world in SMS, with two billion text messages sent every day.
  • Hong Kong people take the instant message crown, spending twice as much time IM’ing as anyone else in the region.
  • More than half the Asia Pacific region’s online population is Chinese, but they are the least prolific users of search in Asia Pacific.
  • Australians spend more time on social networking sitesthan anyone else in the world (seven hours a month) and 27% of all Australians blog.

And Junta42 states that mobile content marketing solutions are on the rise, up 63% from 2009 survey figures whilst considering only 10% are currently using mobile content marketing, 2011 should show a dramatic increase in that area.

Trends do show an increase in mobility since 2009 compared to the previous years and we are yet to have better statistics for 2010 to forecast 2011 spending strength. As more Iphone, Ipad, Blackberry and Android are selling in Asia, could it be time for Asian companies to ride on this wave of marketing heavily or dunk it?

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